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Yoga Classes in Stoke Newington, North London

Yoga is a popular health & fitness activity for many reasons. It promotes mental as well as physical wellbeing, offering strength and stretching benefits as well as proving calming for the mind. No wonder yoga has proved popular with fans all over the world - and we offer some of the best yoga workouts in Stoke Newington!

We offer four different yoga classes at our gym in Stoke Newington:


The Flow - Vinyasa flow for all levels

The Yin - Deeper stretches for restoration

The Practice - Warm class with breath and core focus

The Breath - Calming flow to set you up for the week

Our bespoke fitness studio is set up for intimate yoga classes, lead by one of our expert yogis. Whether you’ve done yoga before or not, if you’re looking for a local yoga class in Stoke Newington, we’ve got four different types of yoga to choose between - from dynamic flow to calming stretch-focused classes.


If you walk along Church Street then turn north up Lordship Road, carry on straight for 15 minutes and there we are.

Essentially, all you need for a yoga class is a mat, a quiet place and the time and space to practice - but we like to go the extra mile for the classes at our Stoke Newington yoga studio. If you join one of our North London yoga classes, you’ll find a calm, peaceful studio, with plenty of space for our instructors to help you form the correct poses.

Our Stoke Newington fitness studio and gym is set up with our members in mind. Our North London location has changing rooms, showers, a sprung floor and plenty of natural light for a positive workout atmosphere. We provide towels, mats, boxing wraps, hairdryers, straighteners and deoderant for our members’ use - and there’s always tea, coffee and ice-cold water on offer after a sweaty workout!

Join EVOKE for the best yoga classes in Stoke Newington, North London.

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