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At EVOKE, we have designed a studio where you can feel challenged, respected and energised. We've also tried to cater for everything you might need.

We have:

- Changing rooms

- Shower

- Towels

- Mats

- Coffee

- Ice cold water

- Hairdryer

- Straighteners

- Deodorant

- Boxing wraps

EVOKE studio reception
EVOKE artwork and plants

We also have:

- Sprung floor

- Natural light!

- Guaranteed charity commitment

- Warm and friendly team who are experts in their disciplines

EVOKE fitness studio promo
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EVOKE Reviews

It's a great studio, I love the space, the facilities are great and the classes have been so good with a really friendly and welcoming vibe.


 I absolutely love the studio - particularly the variety of classes provided, the small class size and the community vibe. EVOKE definitely has become my go to studio in London!


This studio GETS IT! Such good attention to all the right details - Beautiful yoga mats, aromatherapy oils, sandalwood products, bright open light space, south facing windows. Such a good vibe. Class was STRONG, mix of Pilates and Barre and some deep yoga stretching. Good music. Great teacher! Cant wait to go back


First time at EVOKE. Lovely studio, small but very welcoming, clean and modern. Maiken was great, pushed you and gave alternatives. Will be back.


Session felt almost like a personal training one - great variety of exercises and attentive instructor.




Great class and studio. Instructor was brilliant. Correcting form and super motivating. Not an easy class, hard work but fun. Proper sweat!


See below some of the questions we had heard from the fitness community in London and how we have addressed them:

After a great session, why do my joints (particularly knees, shins, ankles and feet) hurt so much?

Jumping up and down on a concrete or hardwood floor does nothing for your joints, so we have installed a sprung floor system to minimise the risk of injury and keep you training for longer.

Why did I feel like a warm body in the room and the instructor was using some drag and drop workout? 

Our coaches are there to make you feel welcome, enjoy your session and feel like you belong. This is your session.

Why do I always have to go into the basement or some closed off room with no windows?

The feeling of being connected to the environment is important to us. We have two big south facing windows that maximise the daylight coming into the studio.

How can I feel even better about coming to EVOKE?

We donate 2% of our revenues to charity, so regardless of what happens at EVOKE, we stay committed to our causes.


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