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To minimise disruption to classes, we have the following cancellation policy (which is better than any policy we've managed to find!):

1. Cancellations more than 6 hours before a class result in no charge.

2. Cancellations within 6 hours of the class are charged at £8 for Limitless members or a lost class for other members, UNLESS the class runs at full capacity. This is due to us confirming numbers with our instructors 12 hours before so they can design the best class for those attending!

3. No-shows will be charged at £12 for all members, as without this policy we had numerous no-shows that resulted in disruption to the beginning of the class for other members.

Thanks for your understanding that this is all to give you the best class experience and leave you feeling fantastic!

EVOKE yoga


The Flow - Our signature yoga class - a vinyasa flow suitable for all levels. A deep stretch for an accessible mind-body connection.

The Practice - A slower, warm yoga class with a strong influence from Forrest yoga, guaranteed to cleanse the mind.

The Yin - A rejuvenating, gentle yoga flow using props to comfort, open the joints and release tension. Good for anyone who has an injury or needs a bit of self-care.

The Breath - Slow, deep movements to help open up joints and ease the stiffness of sore muscles, all connected to the breath.


The Tone - Our signature barre class - a low-impact, strength-based workout influenced by ballet. Isometric training with a touch of dance discipline, for the fitness nuts out there.

The Burn - A more intense, strength-focused variety of barre with a strong pilates influence. Don't expect an easy workout - if you're looking for a deep burn this class is for you.


The Feeling - Our signature HIIT class - a high-intensity full-body workout using a range of equipment, designed to get you sweating and your muscles working.

The Strength - A focus on building functional full body strength - think slow control combined with explosive power.


The Hustle - Our signature boxing conditioning class - a chance to learn some technique and improve fitness through intense fast-paced boxing drills.


The Beat - Our signature dance class - a party for your muscles and your mind. Commercial moves with a hip-hop influence, designed for people of all genders.